Current Openings

Influencing & Improving Quality of Lives

Dhoot Transmission is committed to sustainable development, where business goes hand in hand with societal wellbeing and environmental consciousness.


Good health is cardinal to human wellbeing and enables one to achieve life goals. Our health initiative, focuses on overall well-being of both, urban and rural communities.


Education aids the development of an individual’s cognitive, psychological and intellectual faculties that ultimately shapes his or her personality.


Our skill development program focusses on training school drop-outs and unemployed youth in auto trades, non-auto trades and agriculture & allied activities, and also helps with institutional strengthening.


Our work on environment is making concentrated efforts to increase the green cover through sapling plantation on one hand and enhancing the environmental awareness levels in the community on the other hand.


Going beyond investing their personal time through volunteering, Dhoot Management has institutionalised a culture by creating a volunteering policy.

Colors of Life

Employees are our Greatest assets and we believe in fully nurturing the ‘intellectual’ and ‘creative’ beings in them. This essential objective of ours gets fulfilled through interactive initiatives that we take up to Reward, Recognize, Engage and Entertain our esteemed staff members.