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R&D Core Competency & Software's

Development Software

Design & Simulation

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Electronic Sensors & Controllers

Development Software

Design & Simulation

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Test and Validation Setup

Reliability Lab

Thermal Shock Chamber

Perform to Check Effect of Sudden Change in Temp (-40 ~ 200 ˚C) on Material

Rain Test Chamber

Perform to Check Water Spray Test in different angels & at different pressure

Salt Spray Chamber

Perform Salt Spray Test on Material Check Effect of as per Standard

Dust Chamber

Perform Environmental Test as Low Temp, High Temp & Humidity

Environmental Chamber

Perform Environmental Test as Low Temp, High Temp and Humidity with Vibration or Bump test
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Manufacturing Setup - Clean Room

Automotive Electronics Division

SMT Line

State of Art SMT Line with 85k Component per hour mounting capacity
  • PCB Autoloader

  • Active In Circuit Tester

  • Wave/Robotic Soldering

  • PCB Cleaner

  • Auto Un-loader

  • Auto PCB Router

  • Dispatch

  • Solder Paste Printer

  • PCB Inverter

  • Unique Processing

  • Inspection

  • 3D - Solder Paste Inspection

  • Auto Optical Inspection

  • Pre Testing

  • EOL Testing & Batch Marking

  • Chip Shooter

  • Reflow Oven

  • Robotic Epoxy Potting

  • Burn-in Testing

Manufacturing Setup

Electronic component incoming inspection:

a) Packaging – Checked as per Quality plan & Datasheet

b) Date of manufacturing – Checked as per quality plan

c) Component size - checked as per Datasheet

d) Solderability - Checked as per Quality Plan

e) Electrical Parameters

f) Performance - Checked at room temperature as well as at +85°C for 30 minutes.

g) Quality Approval (Barcode) on Production material provides POKAYOKE for Loading components on pick and place machine.

Mechanical component incoming inspection:

a) Supplier Material test Certificate

b) Appearance

c) Dimensions

d) Plating thickness – For Terminals

e) Molding defects – For Plastic Housing