Terminals & Connectors

Manufacturing Development Flow

Raw Material Procurement
Heat Treatment
Surface Grinding

Wire EDM
CNC Milling
Electric Discharge
Final Inspection
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Tool Room Machinery

DTPL Tool & Mould Design Teams are supported with Hi-tech tool room which has a series of latest set of machineries and equipment's.

Height Measurements

Height, thickness and chain of dimensions measurements

Diameter Measurements

Simultaneous display of diameter and centerline


Easy detection of min, max points or flatness of a surface


All instruments are mechanically corrected

Long Probes

Standard measuring inserts up to 340 mm, with excellent repeatability


Very large range of accessories for any type of measurement

User-Friendly Functions

Straightforward symbols and directly accessible functions

Maximum Contrast

Easy reading at any time thanks to the "Black Mask" display

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Crimp Validation ( CCVD ) Lab

  • 0.1 ~ 3 SQ MM validation lab for Indigenous Development
  • 0.3 ~ 50 SQ MM validation lab for electric & Battery Terminal Development
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Terminals Division

DTPL Metal terminals operations are equipped with High-Speed Press Machines primarily comprised of Yamada Presses for the highest quality terminals action.

Shorter launch Cycle: In House Die Design & Manufacturing


  • 7 YAMADA DOBBY High Speed Presses ranging from 30 ~ 40 Ton, with capacity of mfg. 60 million components per month.
  • 7 Hydraulic Presses ranging from 30 ~ 80 Ton, with Capacity of mfg. 10 million Battery & Ring Terminals per month.
  • Yamada Presses are well supported by In line 3D Vision System & 6 bobbin Automatic Reeler.

Material: In house Press Tools are Compatible with ETP Copper, High Performance Copper Alloy, Phosphorous bronze (PB), CuZn30, CuZn37, CuZn40 & other specific copper alloys used in Automotive & Electronics Industry. Recent Developments of Multiple Sensors have called for High Grade Material Like Titanium Grade 1, Nickel for Battery pack, High performance Stainless Steel for cover & SS 304, 430 Nickel Plated Terminals.

3-Dimensional Vision System & Automatic Reeler

In line Vision System: is equipped with high precision 3-dimensional camera’s which measures product dimensions along 3 axis during process. Vision System is capable to measure 1500 pressed components per min & capable to control precise tolerances.

Machine also captures Cp, CPk data as well as product wise machine utilization data.

Automatic Reeler: Automation is capable to Wind, Cut inspection samples per bobbin for Quality Check & hop to next Bobbin. 6 Bobbin Automatic Reeler had not only saved Manpower but also had eliminated possibilities of handling errors.

Developed EV Terminals

  • Automotive Battery Terminal Development
  • Bus Bar Development
  • Charging Devise Terminal Development
  • Micro Lab 30 for Crimp Validation of 0.5 ~ 80 CSA
  • Automation of LUG manufacturing 6 ~ 60 CSA

EV Components

Connectors Division

Process Specialties:

  • High Precision, Automotive Plastic Housings (waterproof / non waterproof), & Hybrid (Male & Female)
  • Precision Plastic components for Electronics & Switches
  • Over Moulding Capabilities
  • Insert Moulding Capabilities
  • Printing & Labeling Capabilities
  • Assemblies of Molded components

Processes: 11 ALL ELECTRIC SUMITOMO Moulding machines ranging from 50 ~ 100 T for production of precision housings with capacity of 6 million housings per month.

8 Supermaster Hydraulic Connectors: Machines ranging from 50 to 250 T With Capacity of producing 2.0 million fuse boxes per month & Electronics component as well as switch components.

Materials: Process know how of Engineering plastics including PA 6, PA 66, PBT (Filled & Unfilled) , PP, POM, PMMA, PC, HIPS.

High Speed Progressive Tool, Press Tool, Jigs & Fixtures, Sheet Metal, CRS, STEEL, SS 304, SS 430, Brass, CuZn 30, CuZn 37, PB, Copper Alloy, Copper, Terminal, Ring Terminal, Fork Terminal, Splice Terminal, Fuse Terminal, Mini Fuse Terminal, Blade Fuse Terminal, Ferrule Terminal, Bullet Terminal, Flag Terminal, Female Terminal, Male Terminal, Waterproof Terminal, 040 Series Terminal, 070 Series Terminal, 090 Series Terminal, 110 Series Terminal, 187 Series Terminal, 250 Series Terminal, 305 Series Terminal, 315 Series Terminal, 375 Series Terminal, Crimping, Crimped Terminal, Crimper, Anvil, Applicator, Terminal Reel, Electric Vehicle Terminal, LA 103, LA 104, LA 10, LA 106, LA 205, LA 206, LA 208, LA 305, LA 306, LA 308, LA 310, LA 406, LA 408, Plated Terminal, Tin plated Terminal, Pre-plated Terminal, Post-Plated Terminal, Nickel Plated Terminal, Deep draw, Draw part, 2D drawing, 3D drawing, reverse engineering, 3D printing, Rapid Prototyping, Proto Terminal, Proto part, Prototype, ultrasonic welding, Bus Bar, 2 way Terminal, 3 way terminal, Duplex, Triplex, Low profile Fuse Terminal, IDC Terminal, Anti Backout Terminal, 2.8 Female, 2.8 Male, Double Fold, 6.3 Female Terminal, 6.3 Male Terminal, Wire Seal, Seal, MCU Terminal, Starter Motor Terminal, Battery Terminal