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Testing Systems (Wiring Harness)

Complete range of Pneumatic Modules for a high-level reliability and cost-effective electrical test operation. RDTPL test Modules assure complete continuity and function test as secondary lock, leak test, colour detection, push-back test and others. Modular concept allows easy integration into RDTPL Test Tables.


  • Fixtures are 3D designed and CNC milled in Phenolin & DELRIN material to assure accurate insertion of the connectors up to one million cycles.
  • Electrical contacts made using screwed test probes or special pins for customized test.
  • Both with complete types of head style according with the terminals to be tested.
  • Connectors are pneumatically locked for a perfect contact during the test. After the test are automatically released.


RDTPL Test modules are indicated to be used in Test Tables.

Its modularity assures complete adaptation to all wiring harness lay-out.

Modules are available in many sizes, starting 50x50, 50x100, 100x100 and larger sizes upon demand. Other sizes are also available following customer standard.

Characteristics of the Test Modules depends on the connector size and type of requested detections; most important modules types are:

1. Fixed Block

2. Moving Block

3. Push-back

4. Ground Terminals

5. Components Module

This is the basic Test Module. Pin block is fix and electric contact is made after the entrance of the connector.

Standard force of pins against the terminals is 1,5 N.

Recommended for a connector with not so much cavities in order to limit the needed insertion force.

Connector enters in the module with zero force and after it’s completely locked the pin block goes up by the use of a cylinder.

This module is useful to perform test, without effort, of connectors with big quantity of cavities.

Also recommended for a connector with small or fragile terminals.

This is a Pushback module provided with special test pins to detect the correct position and complete insertion of the terminals in the connector cavities.

Special Pins with a specific force (from 15N to 25N) pushes against the terminals, moving up those that are not well fixed and loosing electrical contact.

Ring Terminals

To test internal and external diameter of an eyelet terminal, also for special battery terminals or nuts.

Presence Module

To check non electrical components as clips, grommets, cable channels or others.

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Pneumatic Test Table:

RDTPL Test Tables forms a complete collection of test systems fully equipped to perform a reliable test of wiring harnesses.


  • Compact design that contains internally all needed pneumatic and electrical equipment for an easy connection of pneumatic modules.
  • Test boards are modular and scalable from 64 test points up to the maximum capacity of the Test equipment.

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